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Consignor Handbook

Spring 2023 Consignor Handbook

1. Consignor Registration:

• Sale Dates: Thurs, Feb 2 – Presale – varied entry times 6pm-8pm

Fri, Feb 3 – Opening Day – 9am-2pm

Sat, Feb 4 – Half Price Day – 9am-12pm

• Location: St. James UMC Activities Building, off Loridans Drive

Consignor Registration is a 2-Step process:

1. Register online:

2. Pay Registration Fee:

$10 until Dec 27.

$15 Dec 28-Jan 17.

$20 Jan 18 - Jan 31

Registration closes on Jan 31 or when all spots filled.

2. Payment

▪ Payment instructions in your registration confirmation email.

Payment must be made within 10 days of registering. Unpaid consignors may forfeit their consignor spot and be automatically removed, or $25 may be deducted from the consignor’s earnings check.

• Choose your own four-digit seller number. Must be numeric.

All data must be entered into tagging system before Tues, Jan 31, 11:59pm.

• Choose to donate or pick up your unsold items. Unsold items marked as pick up must be picked up on Saturday Feb 4 between 2-3pm. Any items not picked up by 3 pm on Feb 4 will be donated.

• Consignor commissions determined by volunteer hours. See Section 3 below • Consignors are required to place their tagged items on the sales floor during Consignor Check-In.

  • Depending on the number of items a consignor delivers, consignors should plan to spend at least 30-60 minutes placing their tagged items on the sales floor.

• Checks will be mailed 4-6 weeks after the sale. Checks must be cashed within 90 days.

• This sale is run by volunteers.

• Proceeds benefit the St. James UMC Children’s Ministry and missions.

• Consignors receive a tax receipt for the retained portion of sales.

• More information on our website: 


2. Consignor Check-In

• Consignors must reserve a Consignor Check-In Slot for Feb 1 or Feb 2 to deliver and place tagged items on the sales floor.

  • Appointments available on Wed., February 1st from 5:00pm - 8:30pm and Thurs., February 2nd from 9:00am - 12:30pm.

Reserve a slot online in section “CheckIn”:

• Email us to reserve 2 check-in slots if you have more than 2 carloads to deliver.

• By delivering consigned items, the Consignor accepts all terms of this Consignor Handbook and the Consignor Contract. Both available on our website.

  • Consignors must sign a hard copy of the contract at their Consignor Check-In Slot. A copy will be available to take home.

• At your Check-In Slot, visit the front desk. Then, deliver items grouped by gender and size to volunteers for quality control. After review, place your items on the sales floor.

  o Volunteers will check each item to ensure compliance with the Consignment Guidelines. See “Section 4: Tagging Instructions”.

  o All items must have a barcode tag generated through the online tagging system. Items that do not have a barcode tag will be rejected

  o Wire hangers only. No bent hangers. No plastic hangers. Hanger hook points left.

  o Incorrectly pinned or incorrectly hung items may be removed from the sales floor.

Pick up unsold items between 2:00-3:00pm on Saturday, Feb 4. Items remaining Saturday after 3pm will be donated.

• We may use your cell number to contact you about the Sale. We will not sell or use your cell number for other purposes.



• Anyone can volunteer! Volunteers are critical to the sale’s success!

Sign Up Here

• Volunteers shop early!

  o 6+ volunteer hours = enter presale at 6:00 pm

  o 3+ volunteer hours = enter presale at 6:30 pm

  o Less than 3 volunteer hours = enter at 7:00 pm

• Consignors who volunteer earn more commission! And shop early!

  o 6+ volunteer hours = 75% commission on your sales

  o 3+ volunteer hours = 70% commission on your sales

  o Less than 3 volunteer hours = 65% commission on your sales

• Mature youth, nannies, grandparents, spouse and/or friends, can earn hours on your behalf!

• Youth / Scouts can earn service hours.

• St. James Youth Group can earn support for the group’s missions.

• Light refreshments, good music and fun people provided free of charge!

 Tagging Instructions

I. Prepare Items for Sale

• Group clothing by gender then organize size.

• For clothing, only Spring/Summer items accepted.

Use wire hangers only. Hang clothing on wire hangers, hanger hook pointing left (see illustration below). No bent hangers. No plastic hangers.

  o Pants must be pinned to the TOP of the hanger, not pinned to or folded over the bottom of the hanger.

  o Complementary wire hangers are available in church foyer, while supplies last.

• Ensure all items are clean, in good working condition, have all pieces, and meet the criteria outlined in this Consignor Handbook.

• Items that require batteries MUST have working batteries. This includes large ride-on toys such as jeeps, cars, etc.

II. Enter Items Online

• Enter items and create tags here:

All items must be entered into the tagging system before Tuesday, Jan 31 at 11:59pm.

• Only tags with a compatible barcode will be accepted. Enter items online or transfer compatible tags from a previous sale. Tag transfer instructions can be found in the “Manage Inventory” section of the online tagging system.

• Select an appropriate Category and Size for each item.

• Include the brand name and a brief description of each item - this allows us to match lost tags to items and prevent switching of tags.

• Choose to DONATE or PICK UP (not donate) unsold items.

  o Items marked as donate will be discounted by 50% on half price day.

  o Items NOT marked as donate (pick up) are strongly recommended to be discounted by 50% on half price day. (Many shoppers look only for half price tags on Saturday!)

• Select a price. Shoppers typically respond best to approximately 1/4 - 1/2 of the retail price for items in good/very good condition. 

III. Generate, Print, then Tag Your Items

• Generate Tags: Follow instructions found in the “Print Tags” section of the online tagging system.

• Print: Use a laser printer to print tags. No ink jet printers.

  o Use only plain cardstock for tags. White or bright colors only. No dark colors, no patterns, no sticky-back paper, no regular copy paper.

  o Use ‘landscape’ paper orientation, print only 8 tags on each sheet of cardstock in the original size of 3” x 2”. Do not resize the tags - small tags may be rejected.

• Cut: Neatly cut all four sides of each tag at the black line.

• Safety Pins: Use only 1” or larger safety pins. No tiny safety pins, no straight pins, no staples, no plastic tags or tagging guns.

  o Attach safety pin at the top of the tag in upper right corner of the garment. Use only one pin per tag, one hanger per tag. See example above.

• Tape: For non-clothing items use scotch tape, painters tape, or packing tape. NO Masking Tape.

  o Do not apply tape over the bar code.

  o Only tape 2 sides or 2 corners of the tag. Do not tape all 4 sides. Do not use too much tape.

  o Do not apply tape directly to decorative items, tape can cause damage.

• Secure parts and pieces: Prevent any pieces from getting lost.

  o Place items with multiple pieces in a baggie. Tape the bag shut. Tape or pin tag on the outside of the bag. No tags inside baggie.

  o Plastic wrap secured with tape or large baggies can be used for puzzles, toys, etc. Attach tag outside of baggie or plastic wrap.

  o String, zip ties, or baggies can be used to attach shoes in pairs.

  o Clothing items with multiple pieces can be safety pinned together on one hanger. Use only one tag per hanger.

  o Large items with multiple pieces or sold as a set (e.g. crib and mattress) must have a tag on each piece - label one tag with the price and indicate that multiple pieces are included (e.g. “1 of 4” with the item price, “2 of 4”, etc. showing price $0.00 on all additional tags).

• If an item does not have a tag, that item becomes property of the sale. Every effort will be made to reunite lost tags with their respective items.

• Items missing a tag, or tags that are unable to be scanned, may be priced by sale volunteers and may not be attributed to your consignor profits.


IV. Accepted Items

The sale accepts the following items:

  o Gently used seasonally appropriate clothing, shoes, and accessories (sizes infant to youth 16, no junior or adult sizes)

  o Baby equipment, nursery furniture, children’s décor

  o Toys, books, videos, puzzles and games.

  o Outdoor toys, sporting equipment

  o E-Rated video games, G & PG rated movies

  o Handheld gaming units, educational software

  o Maternity clothing - 10 item limit

  o Stuffed Animals – 3 item limit

  o All items must be clean, in good working condition, and have ALL pieces.

  o The Sale reserves the right to reject or flag any item due to stains, signs of wear, seasonality, size, etc.


V. Excluded Items The sale does NOT accept the following items:

  o Car Seats or Car Booster Seats with child restraint straps

  o Expired safety equipment, including booster seats

  o Recalled Items (such as drop side cribs, Rock-n-Play, etc.)

  o Junior or Adult Sizes; Maternity Underwear

  o Pacifiers and Teething Toys (even new)

  o Happy meal toys or other ‘freebie’ or promotional items*

      *We will accept donations of these items for use at the St. James Trunk or Treat. (Please put in a Ziploc marked “Trinket Donation”.)

  o Violent Toys, War Toys or Toy Weapons; Violent Games, Movies, or Books

  o Teen/Adult Books, Marriage or Relationship Books, Encyclopedias, Text Books

  o Copied videos/DVDs/CDs/etc.

  o Gaming Systems (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.), iPads, Televisions, Household Electronics, etc.

  o Household Goods

  o Items hung on a plastic hanger. Items on a bent hanger.

  o Items without a barcode tag generated through the online tagging system.


5. Donate

• No time to tag but want to support the Children’s Ministry? Donate gently used kids' items to the sale!

  o Accepted items: gently used Spring & Summer children’s clothing, uniforms, boutique items, play clothes, shoes, books, toys, etc. in good condition.

• Donations in-kind are also accepted: wire hangers, safety pins, clothing racks, reusable bags, laundry baskets, collapsible plastic shelving, etc.

• In exchange you can receive a Tax Receipt.

• Deliver donations to the Church Office: Mon-Thu 8:30 – 4:00; Fri 8:30-noon.

• Volunteers will tag & sell donated items to benefit the Children’s Ministry. Unsold donated items may be donated to the charities supported by the Sale.


6.Sale Information

• All sale proceeds retained by the Kids Consignment Sale are used to support Children’s Ministries and children’s missions of St. James UMC.



• Your assistance in advertising the sale is our best form of marketing! Yard signs, posters and flyers are available. Post on your social media, tell friends, neighbors, coworkers, share in your mommy and school groups, etc.

• Guest Passes to the presale are available online – share generously!

• The use of the sale to promote personal businesses is strictly prohibited.

• St. James UMC Kids Consignment Sale, St. James UMC, its affiliates, and volunteers are not responsible for any items which become lost, stolen, or damaged during the sale, nor for any personal injury resulting from participation in the Sale.

• Consignor agrees to indemnify St. James UMC Kids Consignment Sale, St. James UMC, its affiliates, and volunteers for any claims related to the Consignment Sale (including claims brought by buyers over purchased goods) whether caused by the sole negligence of the indemnitees, or any of them, otherwise.

• Visit our website:

• Questions?


Thank you for supporting the St. James Kids Consignment Sale!


The purpose of the St. James UMC Kids Consignment Sale is “Service to Others.” We strive to use our sale to bring people together for the greater good of all. We welcome you to join us in our mission to serve others!

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